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We manage your network so You can manage your business

Managed Services

We monitor your server and workstations 24/7. We use automatic self healing applications. We find and prevent problems from happening.

We manage your network so You can manage your business

We monitor your network 24/7. With self healing applications we can find and prevent problems from happening. With our managed services we can be there for you through any situation and quickly work to get your office back online.

  • ITeethPC is easily the best dental IT solutions company I’ve hired. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to increase the efficiency of their practice.
    Dr. Rohan Singh
  • As a dentist, I don’t have much experience in computers and their terminology. This is why I’ve delegated the protection and surveillance of my network to ITeethPC who have done a remarkable job!
    Dr. Cody Bernard
  • ITeethPC is the best IT Company that I’ve ever worked. They take time to prioritize complaints to ensure that urgent issues are always given attention as soon as possible!
    Dr. Anne Traynor
  • I love the work ITeethPC has done for my practice. They take their very job seriously and monitor my networks, servers, and mainframe 24/7!
    Dr. Glen Dixon
  • I only have nice things to say about ITeethPC as the company has been a revelation. Professional, friendly, and extremely vigilant; my practice is yet to face a single issue since I got them on board
    Dr. John H. Parker


Service and Hardware

We sell hardware with a 3 year warranty. We stand by our work. We charge most work at a flat rate. We don't over bill or double bill for items. We have flexible billing options from monthly contracts to pay as you go service. Call us and see how we can serve you.


The Cloud is the future of computing in small business. It will lower your Total Cost of Ownership and improve your efficiency and productivity. Watch the video and give us a call today to see how we can help get your office to the cloud.

Old-school technology does not lend a very reassuring look to your dental business. With the help of advanced dental IT solutions provided by ITeeth, your technology will be upgraded to fit the modern standard. Not only will it help your network perform more efficiently, it will also give a boost to your clinic’s overall performance. Our superior Proactive IT support services offered for dental offices allows urgent issues to be resolved swiftly and also prevents problems from happening again, so that you business can perform optimally.

We manage your network so You can manage your business

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